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Interval Training Is Good For Exercise And Sports

In the world of fitness, there are many ways to get in shape and to stay in shape. Interval training is a beneficial way to approach exercise. Many people don't understand exactly what interval training is but it's best described as alternating between two or more activities during an exercise. Its different from, say, running, where a person runs for the exercise.

Fartlek Training is a good example of interval training? For example, if a runner were to incorporate different running speeds into his or her 30-minute walk, he or she could insert two minutes of fast running three or four times into the 30 minutes of jogging.

Because with interval training youre doing more than one type of exercise during a session, you can burn more calories than during only one type of exercise during a session.

For example, to run three miles, it may take you 30 minutes at a speed of 10 minutes per mile. However, with interval training, you can gain the same physical benefits in as little as five minutes because your putting some higher intensity bouts of running into the mix.

If youre chosen workout is bicycling, that is the only exercise youre doing. The chances are that after youve taken that same route over and over, boredom will eventually set in. With interval training, youre doing a combination of exercises that can change daily if you desire. This alleviates boredom.

When exercising, many people are not focused on working out to a moderate to high level of intensity. However, with interval training, a burst of high intensity exercise is part of the programme, and that helps to burn fat faster. This happens because during the bouts of high intensity exercise your body is forced to produce lactic acid which lowers the pH of your blood which is conducive to burning body fat.

Interval training is great for conditioning sports players as it mimics the demands of their game. Football players and rugby players never run at the same speed or intensity for the whole match. In fact, their sport is based on regular intervals of sprinting coupled with jogs and walks when the play is away from them.

Interval training also makes the heart stronger and burns calories faster than many other exercise regimes. Including these methods into a daily workout can give great benefits to both the fitness enthusiast along with the elite sportsman.


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