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Why The Incidence Of Autism Is Out Of Control

Some say it is because of better diagnosis, but others say there are factors that are contributing to the rise in incidence of autism and ADHD in children. The fact is that in the US, autism is the fastest growing neurological disease in children and the incidence has more than doubled since 2000. This is alarming and approaching an epidemic.

Despite this, scientists can't agree on a cause. It would appear there are several, and that not all autism comes from a single source. What we do know is that those with autism react favourable when heavy metals such as lead and mercury are removed from their bodies, and that many who display autistic tendencies have high levels of heavy metals.

Research shows a definite causal factor between increased heavy metal pollution and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Here is an extract.

"A ground breaking study in 2009, done by researchers at the University of Texas, revealed startling evidence of the environments role in autism. The objective the study was to determine if proximity to sources of mercury pollution in 1998 were related to autism prevalence in 2002. The findings showed that for every 1000 pounds of industrial release, there were a corresponding 2.6% increase in autism rates and a 3.7% increase associated with power plant emissions. For every 10 miles from industrial or power plant sources, there a decrease in autism rates".

The fact is that there are heavy metals in most metropolitan water supplies, the air we breathe and the food we eat. Although levels may only be low, we drink a lot of liquid and breathe a lot of air and the effects are cumulative. Many medical practitioners only do prescribed tests and do not look any further. It is assumed that toxins aren't the cause of Autism, therefore there is no need to test toxic levels.

The fact is that something must have changed to produce the dramatic rise in Autism rates. It is unlikely that this is just an accident. We do know that industry continues to add toxins and heavy metals into the atmosphere and water. One particularly concerning factor is the rise in coal seam gas production. This process can release toxins into water supplies feeding into hundreds of towns and cities. The US in particular is full on into producing this product, and other countries like Australia are poised to follow.

The logic is simple. We know that an increase in exposure to heavy metals results in an increase in autism. Heavy metals are cumulative in the body. If we do nothing to remove the heavy metals, what chance have we of preventing the spread of this disease? Many health professionals dismiss this as a possible cause, so limiting the amount of research.

I would suggest that keeping your children free of heavy metals is a sound preventive measure to reduce the chances of them contracting ADD, ADHD, Asbergers or Autism. Activated Liquid Zeolite NCD is one form that actually enters the blood stream and can help reduce toxic levels. It is safe and has solid research behind it.


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