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How Obama Care Affects Pregnant Women And Their Obgyns

Obama implemented the Affordable care act in the year 2014 with an aim to provide cheap and affordable healthcare to all categories of people. So what is ACA and what does it do? The ACA makes it mandatory for all US Citizens to acquire some form of medical insurance or pay a penalty. This act also makes it compulsory for people who do not have job-based insurance to look for various insurance plans and apply for one.

Apart from these, there are other benefits also that the ACA provides some of which are being mentioned below:

* A summary of the coverage plans mandatory for an insurance provider to give

* States to provide consumer assistance

* Any paperwork error cannot lead to plan being cancelled

* People with existing diseases also get coverage

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits one thing that makes ACA different is the fact that now insurance companies will have to pay the bill for as many treatments that you undertake without asking for a copay. The following are the benefits being provided specifically to women.

* Annual preventive care visit

* Contraception and contraceptive advice provided provided by your Chicago obstetricians gynecologist

* Free Folic acid supplements

* HPV DNA Testing and breast cancer check

* Annual guidance provided on Sexually transmitted diseases and their effect

* Help provided in case of a woman being a victim of domestic violence

While this act has so far covered all categories of people, the maximum benefits are provided to pregnant women and their family as are mentioned below:

* Prenatal care- A regular prenatal check-up provided to all pregnant women

* Alcohol misuse- It is a known fact that usage of alcohol will impact a pregnant woman so a regular counselling on its effects is provided.

* Tobacco guidance- Women consuming tobacco are given guidance on its harmful effects.

* Rh incompatibility screening Blood checked to find Rh compatibility and proper advice given in the case of a positive result.

* Iron deficiency and gestational diabetes test done to find out the probability of the disease cropping up during pregnancy.

* Breastfeeding support A regular advice given on the benefits of breastfeeding and its advantages from trained nurses.

* Checking of the new-born-An infant is checked at the time of birth for ailments like hypothyroidism, hearing ailments and sickle cell anaemia.

* Immunization help- Regular vaccination given to newborns and a check-up of all medical parameters.

* Fluoride and iron supplements-Supplement gave to children between the ages of 6 to 12 months to avoid chances of anaemia or fluoride deficiency.

* Screening of ailments An early check-up of the infant for diseases like lead exposure, autism, tuberculosis, and Dyslipidaemia.

In spite of all that has been said the ACA has definitely made lives a lot easier for most Americans and most importantly pregnant women. It is essential that before taking up any insurance we are well aware of our rights and the benefits of this act. More information on the same can be had by doing a quick internet search. So enroll today or visit the government website for more information.