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Why Have An Annual Eye Exam

The eyes are the passport to the world and must be taken care of at all times. As people age, our eyes begin to lose their sharpness and perception. In fact, we begin having problems with either seeing too close or too far. This is due to overstrained eyes courtesy of countless hours working on the computer or simple bodily wear and tear. The only way to restore optimal vision is by having an annual eye exam. With years of extensive industry experience, optometrists and ophthalmologists check each eye with true precision. This includes the pupils, retinas, corneas, and irises. Not only do they check for cataract but also broken blood vessels, which can cause common floaters and light or dark spots in our vision.

The Eye Exam What Does it Entail?

Eye examinations are not that different today as when we were younger. The main difference is the technologies utilized to pinpoint and address any outstanding problems or issues. Each examination begins by reading letters on an eye chart which helps doctors understand how strong or poor your vision is. Based on these readings, the doctor will immediately be able to tell if you are having problems with near or far sightedness. He or she will then dilute the eyes to check for cataract, broken blood vessels, spots, or unusual formations or growths. While glasses will be prescribed, the optometrist will also discuss further steps to help restore maximum vision and functionality. This can include but is not limited to:

·         Wearing different glasses for reading, driving, and everyday vision.

·         Using prescription eye drops to clear dryness, excess mucus, and especially clean the eye ducts.

·         Avoid excess sun in the eyes by wearing prescription sun glasses.

·         Surgical procedures may also be needed for more extensive cases where blood spots or cataract are present.

·         Regular checkups may also be needed as part of any vision corrective plan.

Protecting Your Eyes

Sadly, many people tend to overlook the important of annual eye care checkups. In fact, most only go to the clinic when something is wrong or obstructing their vision. In order to avoid these problems or catch any issues before they cause irreparable harm and damage having yearly eye exams is imperative. Optometrists also check the eyes for any issues related to diabetes, anxiety, depression, physical impairments, and/or other illnesses. Believe it or not, the eyes can easily get impacted by a number of health issues. This is why its important to have at least 2-3 checkups per year to prevent or treat any existing problems. Eye doctors also check for underlying issues, including hereditary health problems and damages to the eyes from past fevers or neurological disorders.

If its been ages since you last saw an eye doctor, now is a good time to make an appointment. Local eye physicians accept a range of insurance plans, and also offer in-house coverage options for those without insurance. Dont let your eyes wither away due to old age or time-constraints at work go see an eye doctor today and get the professional care and services you deserve!


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