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Why Use A Heart Monitor To Keep Track Of Your Heart?

A heart rate monitor can help provide a lot of information about your health. It can be useful when it comes to workouts. Your heart rate can measure multiple systems within your body including your cardiovascular system, your pulmonary system, and your muscular function. Data from previous months can be used and compared to tell whether or not you are getting fit. The question of why use a heart monitor can thereby be answered in this article.

Using one on a daily basis can actually help to improve your health. Finding and maintaining the right intensity for exercises can help you to reach your goals. This device will be able to tell you whether you have attained your target heart rate. High-end models offer features that can tell you whether you have met your requirements in regards to fitness performance goals and weight loss.

According to the Alivecor Kardia Mobile EKG Heart Monitor Review utilizing one can also help you measure and track your training goals. This helps to point out whether there are any benefits that you are getting from your workouts. This device ensures that you get accurate data. It informs you if you are on the right path to improved health and physical performance.

The feedback from a using one can help to exercise safely. A heart rate monitor is able to limit you from exercising too hard within a single session. It helps to prevent you from over training and possibly causing injury.

Medications that you are taking may affect your heart rate. A heart rate monitor can tell you when your heart rate spikes. This helps you to slow down with whatever you are over exerting yourself.

They can also help you find out whether you are dehydrated. During dehydration, your heart rate increases. If you experience dizziness when sitting or standing up quickly and your heart begins to beat faster, that may be a sign of dehydration.

Dehydration leads to a decrease in fluids in the blood. A decrease in blood flow to your brain occurs. This causes dizziness since the heart rate spikes. This device can ensure that you stay hydrated which is great for your heart and body.

A heart rate monitor can be able to manage your health condition. Conditions such as a high blood pressure need constant BPM monitoring. This device is able to inform you if your blood pressure is at risk of going over the roof. Keeping track of your heart rate in such times can help your doctor to determine whether you are on the right track or whether you need a change in your dosage. It can also inform him or her if you require new medication entirely.

Questioning why use one as a life-saving device? Arrhythmia can be detected by this device through an irregular heartbeat. Arrhythmia can lead to fatal cardiac arrest it is not properly attended to and treated.

A heart rate monitor offers many benefits to its users. It can help to promote your heart's health. It can also save your life. Keeping fit can also be achieved by monitoring your heart rate on a daily basis, so you might want to consider using one.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty: Top Myths And Facts You Should Know

Myth: Rhinoplasty surgery and non-surgical job are equal Truth: While a well-performed rhinoplasty can seriously change your nose appearance, the non-surgical method can basically camouflage only small bumps or depressions. This technique is not a replacement for a surgery and is normally applied only to correct minor nasal deformities. The majority of Rhinoplasty NYC - top surgeon would recommend this procedure to correct small humps or bumps, boxers/saddle nose deformity, retracted columella, slight asymmetry, and noses with a wide flat bridge.

Myth: Non-surgical rhinoplasty is time-consuming Truth: Unlike surgery, the procedure of injecting dermal fillers to restore the look of your nose provides instantaneous results and basically requires no recovery period. For the majority of patients seeking for a fast solution and who dont have serious problems, this no knife technique is an ideal choice to achieve an amazing appearance improvement in no time. Although you can expect to have some pain or a headache for a short time after the procedure, severe pain or other problems are very uncommon for most of the patients. In most cases, pain medications for a day or two after the surgery are the only treatment one might need.

Myth: Non-surgical rhinoplasty does not last Truth: Although the results of non-surgical nose improvements are temporary and theres no guarantee of duration, one shouldnt worry about redoing the procedure every few months. Depending on the type of filler and the area of the nose injected, most patients can expect from 12 to 18 months before the product breaks down. While permanent alternatives (like silicone injections) are also available, their usage is seldom recommended due to the risk of late inflammatory problems or other reactions.

Myth: Non-surgical rhinoplasty is expensive Truth: With an average rhinoplasty price tag throughout the U.S. for 2016 reaching almost 7,000$, the no knife injections rate ranging from 500$ to 1500$ seem to be much more affordable. Since the procedure can now be done in as little as 15 minutes and the recovery period is absolutely minimal, patients wont have to face extra medical cost as well as wont lose money due to the need to stay out of work because of a surgery.

Myth: Bad results are difficult to fix Truth: While the majority of fillers can be dissolved by enzymes within hours, one can always reverse the procedure or fix a bad result. As opposed to a surgery, no knife correction allows you to get back to the initial dimensions of your nose as well as improve your contours with a revision rhinoplasty.

Why Have An Annual Eye Exam

The eyes are the passport to the world and must be taken care of at all times. As people age, our eyes begin to lose their sharpness and perception. In fact, we begin having problems with either seeing too close or too far. This is due to overstrained eyes courtesy of countless hours working on the computer or simple bodily wear and tear. The only way to restore optimal vision is by having an annual eye exam. With years of extensive industry experience, optometrists and ophthalmologists check each eye with true precision. This includes the pupils, retinas, corneas, and irises. Not only do they check for cataract but also broken blood vessels, which can cause common floaters and light or dark spots in our vision.

The Eye Exam What Does it Entail?

Eye examinations are not that different today as when we were younger. The main difference is the technologies utilized to pinpoint and address any outstanding problems or issues. Each examination begins by reading letters on an eye chart which helps doctors understand how strong or poor your vision is. Based on these readings, the doctor will immediately be able to tell if you are having problems with near or far sightedness. He or she will then dilute the eyes to check for cataract, broken blood vessels, spots, or unusual formations or growths. While glasses will be prescribed, the optometrist will also discuss further steps to help restore maximum vision and functionality. This can include but is not limited to:

·         Wearing different glasses for reading, driving, and everyday vision.

·         Using prescription eye drops to clear dryness, excess mucus, and especially clean the eye ducts.

·         Avoid excess sun in the eyes by wearing prescription sun glasses.

·         Surgical procedures may also be needed for more extensive cases where blood spots or cataract are present.

·         Regular checkups may also be needed as part of any vision corrective plan.

Protecting Your Eyes

Sadly, many people tend to overlook the important of annual eye care checkups. In fact, most only go to the clinic when something is wrong or obstructing their vision. In order to avoid these problems or catch any issues before they cause irreparable harm and damage having yearly eye exams is imperative. Optometrists also check the eyes for any issues related to diabetes, anxiety, depression, physical impairments, and/or other illnesses. Believe it or not, the eyes can easily get impacted by a number of health issues. This is why its important to have at least 2-3 checkups per year to prevent or treat any existing problems. Eye doctors also check for underlying issues, including hereditary health problems and damages to the eyes from past fevers or neurological disorders.

If its been ages since you last saw an eye doctor, now is a good time to make an appointment. Local eye physicians accept a range of insurance plans, and also offer in-house coverage options for those without insurance. Dont let your eyes wither away due to old age or time-constraints at work go see an eye doctor today and get the professional care and services you deserve!

Essential Vitamins And Mineral Supplements For Eye Health

Many people today suffer from eye problems. What people lack is the knowledge of how they can prevent vision problems. Some of the major eye problems that many experiences include glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. If you are experiencing any of these problems and want to correct them or you need to maintain a clear, crisp vision, by ensuring that your eyes get the necessary nutrients, this article will help you. Discussed are some of the major nutrients including vitamins and herbal supplements that can contribute to improving your eyesight.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is mainly found in carrots.  It is an essential vitamin for your eye health and vision. Its mostly useful to the retina to assist in its proper functioning and production of rhodopsin pigment.  Deficiency in Vitamin A leads to poor night vision.  Vitamin A helps your eyes to adjust to changes in light amounts, prevents cataracts formation, prevents loss of vision by macular degeneration, and helps in maintaining the eyes moist.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cataracts. It has also been found to reduce eye pressure issues in glaucoma patients and reduces macular degeneration. Vitamin C can be found in orange juice and other green leafy vegetables like collards, kale, and Brussels sprouts.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E assists in lowering the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. It has also been shown that Vitamin E protects the eye against free radical damage. Deficiency in vitamin E leads to impaired vision. It can be found in wheat germ, spinach, collard greens, and kale.



Bilberry is believed to have properties that can improve night vision and prevent macular degeneration. It is high in bioflavonoid that increases the level of the purple pigment rhodopsin; that enhances vision. The rhodopsin pigment helps the body in fighting free radical damage.


Selenium is an antioxidant that neutralizes the free radical damage in the eye lens and macula. Low levels of selenium have been linked to the development of cataracts. It helps in absorption of Vitamin E in the body. Taking 50mg of this supplement a day can contribute to improving vision. Sources of selenium include wheat germ, chicken, liver, and garlic.


Eyebright is said to help in eye inflammation.  It is useful as anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, and as an astringent that helps in tightening surrounding eye membranes while improving the circulation of blood around the eyes. Eyebright has tannins that help in reducing inflammation and allows more Vitamins C, A to the eyes.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba has antioxidant properties. Numerous studies have confirmed the usefulness of the ginkgo in increasing blood flow to the retina. Increased blood flow to the retinas helps in delaying retinal deterioration and damage and hence improving the visual acuity. This herb has been particularly helpful to people with macular degeneration and whose retinas have been damaged by diabetes.

It is clear that these vitamins and supplements are essential for your eye health.  They play an important to support your eyesight and help your eyes against any potential vision loss conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.

How Obama Care Affects Pregnant Women And Their Obgyns

Obama implemented the Affordable care act in the year 2014 with an aim to provide cheap and affordable healthcare to all categories of people. So what is ACA and what does it do? The ACA makes it mandatory for all US Citizens to acquire some form of medical insurance or pay a penalty. This act also makes it compulsory for people who do not have job-based insurance to look for various insurance plans and apply for one.

Apart from these, there are other benefits also that the ACA provides some of which are being mentioned below:

* A summary of the coverage plans mandatory for an insurance provider to give

* States to provide consumer assistance

* Any paperwork error cannot lead to plan being cancelled

* People with existing diseases also get coverage

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits one thing that makes ACA different is the fact that now insurance companies will have to pay the bill for as many treatments that you undertake without asking for a copay. The following are the benefits being provided specifically to women.

* Annual preventive care visit

* Contraception and contraceptive advice provided provided by your Chicago obstetricians gynecologist

* Free Folic acid supplements

* HPV DNA Testing and breast cancer check

* Annual guidance provided on Sexually transmitted diseases and their effect

* Help provided in case of a woman being a victim of domestic violence

While this act has so far covered all categories of people, the maximum benefits are provided to pregnant women and their family as are mentioned below:

* Prenatal care- A regular prenatal check-up provided to all pregnant women

* Alcohol misuse- It is a known fact that usage of alcohol will impact a pregnant woman so a regular counselling on its effects is provided.

* Tobacco guidance- Women consuming tobacco are given guidance on its harmful effects.

* Rh incompatibility screening Blood checked to find Rh compatibility and proper advice given in the case of a positive result.

* Iron deficiency and gestational diabetes test done to find out the probability of the disease cropping up during pregnancy.

* Breastfeeding support A regular advice given on the benefits of breastfeeding and its advantages from trained nurses.

* Checking of the new-born-An infant is checked at the time of birth for ailments like hypothyroidism, hearing ailments and sickle cell anaemia.

* Immunization help- Regular vaccination given to newborns and a check-up of all medical parameters.

* Fluoride and iron supplements-Supplement gave to children between the ages of 6 to 12 months to avoid chances of anaemia or fluoride deficiency.

* Screening of ailments An early check-up of the infant for diseases like lead exposure, autism, tuberculosis, and Dyslipidaemia.

In spite of all that has been said the ACA has definitely made lives a lot easier for most Americans and most importantly pregnant women. It is essential that before taking up any insurance we are well aware of our rights and the benefits of this act. More information on the same can be had by doing a quick internet search. So enroll today or visit the government website for more information.

Some Thoughts On Homebased Healthcare

At home specialized care is received by more than 12 million Americans. And services are offered by over 33,000 care providers to those individuals with acute or terminal illnesses and long-term or permanent disabilities.

The choices can truly be overwhelming for so many. You simply have to take some factors into consideration before making any final decisions regarding care at home for you or any member of your family.

Licenses And Certifications

When it comes to the home care company, you want to get as much information as you possibly can. You want to see any and all licenses that they hold and which are required by the state in which you live. And never forget that, according to Medicare certification, they must meet federal safety and health standards.

And with home care providers there are often other private and government agencies that are involved. You should review all the documents that you can when it comes to selecting the right provider.

Patients and their family members must also check the qualifications and professional licenses of any and all staff members with which you will be working. You have to make sure that they have all been screened carefully. Its important their credentials and experience are enough to make you feel confident and secure.

You should also seek out references from any previous clients that they have handled. You may want to look elsewhere if the agency involved is reluctant to provide any references.


You also want to make sure that the home-based healthcare provider you are considering offers any and all health care in the home services that you will require. You have a right to, and should require a written plan.

Should you need twenty-four-hour service, youll want to make certain it will be provided. And the company should provide whomever you might need, from doctors to physiotherapists, nurses, and dietitians.

Some of the costs related to your care might be covered by health insurance, disability insurance, and Medicare. Its important that you find out and understand the billing process and fees that will be involved. Sometimes there will be financial assistance offered by the care provider. Get all the data you can collect so you can formulate a clear plan that youll be able to follow.

Family members and friends can also provide some excellent references. There are solutions through health care at home, but you must do the necessary legwork to get yourself properly prepared to make any decisions.

Want To Become A Physical Therapist In Maastricht?

There are lot of benefits to become a physical therapist in Maastricht, or as they would say in Holland "fysio in maastricht". Physical therapists help in the physical rehabilitation of a different type of patients.They may deal with patients of all age group and can assist patients with different kinds of health problems, ranging from mild injuries to handicaps to debilitating sicknesses.By making individualized therapeutic plans, a physical therapist can help a patient to become very functional and mobile when decreasing pain. Being a physical therapist is an excellent career with lot of benefits. Physical therapist can enjoy job potentials in different range of job settings. The estimates says that there is a great demand in skilled nursing , hospitals and orthopedic settings. You get the chance to work in various kinds of settings like offices of doctors or some health practitioners, home health programs and nursing care facilities.

Working hours

Different studies found that these physical therapists make a medium hourly salary of 36.64 dollar and a yearly income of 76.220 dollar. Most of the physical therapist worked in the clinics of other health specialists, make 75.760 dollars. The highest paying field for this professional was in administration and consulting services, where they make a medium of 88.260 dollars. Physical therapist position in the hospitals made the lowest salary at 75.030 dollars. Salaries may be thought favorably while compared with the needed education. Training may require like two years to finish an associate of science in the degree, further to getting appropriate licensure like a physical therapist. Most of the full time physical therapist worked total forty hours per week. Sanctioned, based on the nature of the job, the hours ranged, certain times needs work in evening or at the time of weekends.

Employment opportunities

Based on the estimation, twenty seven percent of physical therapist worked part time. Due to the range of duties and probable work atmosphere, they may work collectively with different type of other specialist. These may include physical therapist assistants and help, who assist the overseeing physical therapist with paper work and preparations. A physical therapist may consult with doctors of all specialties, educators, nurses and other therapists like speech therapists. With a normally high demand for physical therapists, recruitment opportunities are not limited geographically.

Future income

The states with the highest attention of physical therapist are unknown. Physical therapy salary is one of the main reasons to be satisfied with this employment option, and if you are simply willing in this job, it is a great reason to consider about your future salary and the work demand for the future profession. A physical therapist creates a serviceable income for the job they perform. One of the essential aspects of the future payday is that it will be steady. If you want to become a physical therapist, you need to ensure that there are physical therapist careers that pay you better and are in great demand. You also have an interest in dealing with people, assisting others and gaining a big knowledge of medical field. This is really a solid job option for the present and for the future.

Lower Back Pain And Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment option for most kinds of low back pain. In fact, most physicians will nowadays ask a patient suffering from some forms of lower back pain first to try physical therapy for a month. When physical therapy fails to ameliorate low back pain, other aggressive kinds of treatment such as back surgery are then considered.

The aim of physical therapy is usually to inform the patient of maintenance programs so that they can prevent any back problems in the future, to reduce back pain, and to increase the function of the patient.

There are two popular types of physical therapy: passive physical therapy and active physical therapy.

Passive physical therapy entails things that are done to the low back pain patient such as electrical stimulation, ice packs, and heat application. For instance, a heating pad can be used to warm up muscles before exercise and stretching while an ice pack will be used thereafter to soothe muscles and the soft tissues.

Active physical therapy, on the other hand, concentrates on certain exercises and stretching. Active exercise is a staple in a physical therapy program designed to treat most low back pains.

There are copious amounts of medical literature that support certain physical therapy exercises as treatment of lower back pain. Though many episodes of lower back pain can get better on their own, active exercise plays a pivotal role in alleviating the patients pain as well as improving the subsequent function in low back pain patients.

For many low back pain patients, it is prudent first to consult a doctor wholl diagnose the patients problem and rule out grave contraindications for physical therapy, like a tumor or a fracture.

Can low back pain be prevented?

Physical therapists role, like Fysiotherapie Mooij, is not just the treatment of recurrent or persistent low back pain, but also warding off the condition and reducing the risk of the low back pain coming back.

Physical therapists teach how to reduce low back pain using the following strategies so as to prevent back pain:

Ask for help whenever before you lift any heavy objects;

During lifting, let the body close for help.

Using good positioning at the workplace, home, or anywhere else, or during leisure.

There is some evidence that one of the best ways to prevent disability due to back pain is to understand low back pain in-depth.

In conclusion, physical therapy is ideal for the treatment of lower back pain.

How A Tummy Tuck Will Help You To Boost Confidence?

A glimpse of a bulging tummy in the mirror is never a pleasant sight. Fitting into a pair of old skinny jeans is always an overwhelming thought. A tummy tuck can save a person from the dreadful, time-consuming and tiring process of going to the gym. This surgery will surely give you a positive attitude. It will help you get a healthy posture. The fantasy of looking young is a gain. The ugly folds that appear post pregnancy period can be removed without any hassles. The success of this surgery is spreading worldwide. There are about a hundred thousand surgeries performed per year in USA alone.

If you have a party to attend soon, a tummy tuck can save you from the embarrassment of the extra chunks of fat and skin on your abdomen.

1. A time-saving process

Nowadays, getting an Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in Chicago is the most preferred cosmetic surgery to attain sexy and flat abs overnight. With a few weeks away from work, you can get a body physique what could pull off any swimsuit and fit you into the right dress for the parties. It heals quite quickly without any major side-effects. Such a fast makeover will boost your confidence. So, its time to get people head over heels for you in not more than two weeks.

2. Painless Plastic Surgery

Its done before you know it. The process is more painless and a quick than you think, and it saves you from the difficulties of controlling the watering mouth of hunger. Post surgery period is also a period of relief. This can relieve you from the tortuous proceedings of exercises that are a major disappointment. A strenuous phase of yoga and following a strict healthy diet is more painful that this procedure.

3. Boosts your confidence

A right body is a necessity for a having a healthy mind. It makes you feel more glamorous and helps you increase your potential to being a more capable person. An attractive body is an add-on to your working ability too. This helps you get more attention from people who start admiring you. Ransacking the stores to get a perfect fit is not required since you get the right dress everywhere. Sexy flat abs would surely uplift your self esteem.

4. Removes stretch marks

This surgery efficiently removes majority of the white marks inked on the body which is often a disgrace. There will be no need of hiding body parts and searching for the desired dress is a lot easier. You can go shopping for a sleeveless, hot dress soon to go with the trend.

If you desire a hot figure within a short span of time, this is undoubtedly the correct choice. It is a pain-free way to fulfill all your desires and your money is totally worth it. Plastic surgery isnt for everyone, but if you want to get your stomach flat, get rid of loose folds of unsightly skin from pregnancy or weight loss, than this is easily the most effective route available on the market today.