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What Is Integrative Oncology And The Associated Gains

So, what are the associated gains with integrative oncology? They are many as we will cover in this article.

The traditional method of treating cancer is always to use surgery to remove the tumor and then chemotherapy and radiation to kill the reamining cancer cells. These harsh treatments can be so crippling that individuals decide to drop radiation and chemotherapy where the tend to live longer. However, you may decide that integrative oncology is the right way to go for you from all the promising research and results.

It helps individuals with positive thinking. Research has shown that positive thought is paramount in helping patients get better quicker. Additionally, it appears to lower the chances of having to deal with cancer again in the future.

Integrative oncology definition: it uses effective therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition therapy, metabolic medicine and even emotional support that combines conventional treatments like chemotherapy. These were combined to help patients deal with the mental and bodily side effects of the remedies. It has been shown that people are able to heal quicker and the most encouraging part relating to this tactic is the odds of the cancer returning are lower.

Integrative Oncology has distinct advantages:

It assists patients deal with all facets of their cancer it deals with the mental together with the physical.

It is useful not merely during treatment but also afterward as it teaches the person how to sustain this new lifestyle at home.

Sitting down with integrative oncology consultants is very helpful as they will tell you it is not just about the individual, often, there is an entire family involved and the impact is felt across the board. They're going to be anxious about whether their beloved is in pain, whether they die or will live and even what they could do to help.

Depression typically sets in while undergoing more conventional treatments as family members see their loved one decimated right before their eyes. Integrative oncology takes care to make certain that household members are psychologically healthy enough to be present for their loved ones in the way that is correct. Generally, the patient and the majority of the other family members become healthier together as they change their eating habits.

They're going to provide the essential instructions and counseling needed to continue this at home and maintain and continue all the progress made. It additionally helps couples deal with closeness and relationship difficulties that occur as a result of one of them being diagnosed with cancer.

Here are a few typical integrative oncology modalities that physicians are using today:

Intravenous Therapy

Using such therapies as high dose vitamin c and hydrogen peroxide are highly effective in helping to kill cancer cells. And, there are no harsh synthetic chemicals used so your immune system is not only intact but greatly supported and allowed to do it's one and only job, survive.


Acupuncture appears to be most useful in supporting cancer sufferers who have nausea as a result of chemotherapy treatments. That won't happen with integrative oncology chemo treatments as they are only 3% of the toxicity of a standard treatment. So, the acupuncture can help open up energy pathways again supporting the immune system.

Green Juicing

Green juicing supplies the most life giving nutrients into the body while allowing all the major body organ to rest and recover. This shuts down the digestive tract and also supports the immune system attacking the cancer instead of being distracted doing other things.


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