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Why Do You Need Physical Therapy For Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is a very common condition in the United States and several other countries in the world. Although GP's are the first contact providers for patients with both acute and chronic lower back pain, there are several other providers who can help in this case. Primary health care providers can be able to treat this condition after a brief evaluation, reassurance and symptomatic treatment.

In the United States alone, lower back pain is the second leading cause of visits to the doctors. It causes lost time at work and also billions of dollars in treatment. The human lower back has five bones or vertebrae which are stacked upon each other. Between these bones there are soft, spongy shock absorbers which are commonly known as Intervertebral discs. When these bones or the shock absorbers are compromised, then the results is lower back pain.

Three main causes of back pain

There are three main causes of back pain. One of them is bad sitting posture, lifting heavy items or frequently forward bending. However, back pain can be as a result of trauma. It is known that repetitive strain of the lower back bones is the leading cause of pain. However, in most cases, lower back pain can be a normal daily occurrence that can vanish within a shorter period of time without treatment. However, in some other instances, it can be fatal. For this reason, it is good to know when to seek medical attention.

When to seek medical attention

The fact is lower back pain can be a serious problem and hence you should consult a doctor any time you experience the problem for more than 2 days. You should consult a physician, a qualified therapist or another qualified healthcare provider. If lower back pains are present and constantly hindering mobility and limiting body functions, your next stop should be in a hospital. At this point, I am going to discuss some of the signs and symptoms that require swift medical attention.

Loss of Muscular control

If there is an immediate loss of muscular control accompanied by lower back pain, an immediate referral to a physician is warranted. If you are experiencing lower back pain and as a result not able to lift your legs to walk, rise from a chair or even walk upstairs, then there must be an underlying problem that requires immediate medical attention.

Loss of Bowel or Bladder Function

You will know its not a matter to keep calm about if you experience loss of bowel or even decreased bladder function. It is likely that the bones in the lower back are compressing the spinal cord or interfering with the functionality of the nerves that control bowel movements and bladder functions. One of the primary symptoms of this situation is if you are experiencing an inability to urinate. If you are having all these problems at the onset of lower back pain, then dont take chances any more, get to a physician.

Recent Significant trauma

In some instances, lower back pain can be brought about by trauma. Some of the main trauma causes are a recent vehicle accident or falls. If you have experienced a significant trauma, then there may be an underlying cause of back pain that if not treated can cause more trouble. For this reason, pay the physician a visit.

History of metastatic disease or cancer

It is rare but possible that if lower back pain can be caused by the onset of cancer and metastatic diseases. What this means is that if you have a history of cancer and metastatic diseases, dont keep calm when you experience lower back pain. Rush to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.


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