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Kinds Of Treatment Programs For Substance Abuse

In the mission to treat substance abuse problems, substance abuse recovery centers such as a substance abuse treatment center in Mesa, employ a wide range of treatment types. Over the years, these types of treatment have increased and diversified, although a few traditional ones are still in use today.

The kinds of treatment being used in places like a substance abuse treatment center are as follows:

1.) Medical detoxification. This is usually the first phase of any treatment program and it involves clearing the body of any drugs. It is crucial as an initial measure since it reduces the current toll that drugs take on the body while also managing the physiological effects that withdrawal can bring about.

However, this should never be attempted without a licensed medical practitioner present. Sudden withdrawal from drugs can result in uncomfortable and, in some cases, fatal side effects. Certain medications need to be administered in order to prevent such an outcome.

2.) Individualized drug counseling. Individual counseling, as practiced in places like a substance abuse treatment center, aims to address the root of substance abuse rather than simply reducing drug or alcohol usage. Through counseling, the individual is coached on how to better deal with critical aspects of a functioning life, such as familial or interpersonal relations, employment status, and so on. The relatively short-term program also seeks to imbue its patients with the ability to cope with drug or alcohol withdrawal and to build up the strength and the strategy needed to constantly abstain from drugs or alcohol.

3.) Group therapy. This sort of treatment relies on the positive reinforcement of a strong group dynamic to bring about results. The peer discussions and the generally encouraging environment have been observed to promote alcohol or drug-free lifestyles, and being in the presence of a kindred spirit or two going through the same struggles is particularly helpful for some people.

4.) Short-term Residential Treatment. This type of treatment program is fairly brief, encompassing about 3 to 6 weeks of intensive inpatient therapy, which is then succeeded by some rounds of outpatient therapy. In many cases, group therapy is also introduced at some point for optimum results.

5.) Long-term Residential Treatment. This kind of treatment is perhaps the most comprehensive as it involves the patient being on the receiving end of care for as many as 24 hours in one day. Patients generally enter into this kind of treatment for as long as one year, and during that time, the focus is on reintroducing the individual into a fully-functional life.

Lifestyle Changes And Acid Reflux

Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is basically another name by which some people call heartburn. It becomes a little confusing because heartburn and GERD are basically caused by the same thingacid reflux.

Chest pains, burping, bitter tastes in the mouth, and regurgitation are just some of the symptoms of acid reflux and while it may happen to everyone at some point, not all cases become chronic. Chronic cases of acid reflux can result in GERD. When you have an unending cycle of acid reflux, it is best to get yourself checked by a doctor because prolonging the lining of your esophagus to the acids in your stomach can cause esophagus cancer. The chances of that happening are not very common since the acids can easily be neutralized with medication but once the esophageal lining becomes damaged, it become more difficult to treat.

Caution is better than cure. This is a phrase that many people utter when it comes to health but not every one really takes it to heart. There are many people who many experience frequent episodes of acid reflux but since the antacids may be working for them, they neglect what their bodies are trying to tell them and they continue with their current lifestyle and eating habits. Lifestyle and diet change are essential in preventing and curing acid reflux from frequently happening and eventually leading to something else more serious. Once the lower esophageal sphincter has been compromised, it is important to take measures to ensure that it the condition is not further agitated.

Food choices and the drinks we consume play a big role in acid reflux happening in the body. When we eat something that is oily, spicy, or too acidic, that can cause the acids in the stomachthe ones that are used to break down food while it is in the stomachto travel up the esophagus and that in turn can burn the lining of the esophagus. When we drink coffee, tea, sodas with high caffeine content, that too can trigger an acid reflux.

When trying to avoid or cure acid reflux, it is important to remember that medication is not always the answer, sometimes it just takes some adjustment on ones part to make sure that those gastric acids stay where they are supposed to.

Lifestyle changes also play an important role in preventing and possibly lessening if not completely curing acid reflux. Avoiding nicotine found in cigarettes, not eating too much, not laying down right after a meal, eating slowly, and wearing loser clothes all help in the avoidance of acid reflux. If your health allows for it, definitely try yoga for acid reflux! Reflux can be very painful and although curable, it is best that it is avoided.

Small changes can make a big world of difference not to mention the fact that some lifestyle changes needed to avoid acid reflux not only help in that department but also in other areas where your health may be compromised. At the end of the day, it is all up to you and if you are suffering from chronic acid reflux, the time to make that choice is now!

Interval Training Is Good For Exercise And Sports

In the world of fitness, there are many ways to get in shape and to stay in shape. Interval training is a beneficial way to approach exercise. Many people don't understand exactly what interval training is but it's best described as alternating between two or more activities during an exercise. Its different from, say, running, where a person runs for the exercise.

Fartlek Training is a good example of interval training? For example, if a runner were to incorporate different running speeds into his or her 30-minute walk, he or she could insert two minutes of fast running three or four times into the 30 minutes of jogging.

Because with interval training youre doing more than one type of exercise during a session, you can burn more calories than during only one type of exercise during a session.

For example, to run three miles, it may take you 30 minutes at a speed of 10 minutes per mile. However, with interval training, you can gain the same physical benefits in as little as five minutes because your putting some higher intensity bouts of running into the mix.

If youre chosen workout is bicycling, that is the only exercise youre doing. The chances are that after youve taken that same route over and over, boredom will eventually set in. With interval training, youre doing a combination of exercises that can change daily if you desire. This alleviates boredom.

When exercising, many people are not focused on working out to a moderate to high level of intensity. However, with interval training, a burst of high intensity exercise is part of the programme, and that helps to burn fat faster. This happens because during the bouts of high intensity exercise your body is forced to produce lactic acid which lowers the pH of your blood which is conducive to burning body fat.

Interval training is great for conditioning sports players as it mimics the demands of their game. Football players and rugby players never run at the same speed or intensity for the whole match. In fact, their sport is based on regular intervals of sprinting coupled with jogs and walks when the play is away from them.

Interval training also makes the heart stronger and burns calories faster than many other exercise regimes. Including these methods into a daily workout can give great benefits to both the fitness enthusiast along with the elite sportsman.